A story about healing

Let’s say you accidentally cut the webbed area between your thumb and forefinger. It’s not a very deep cut, but it has a hard time healing because of the flexibility of the area.

You try to DIY with Band-Aids, but they don’t stick and they are obviously not going to help your wound heal. So, you head off to urgent care to get professional advice, thinking you probably need stitches.

At the clinic you have to jump through the necessary hoops of paperwork, contracts and agreements prior to receiving care. Once you see the doctor, she agrees stitches would be your best bet for a full recovery and a return to the salt mines.

While the doctor is cleaning the wound and stitching you up, she gives you some valuable information on the “do’s” and “don’ts” of recovery. Don’t compromise the wound, don’t stick your hand in contaminants, don’t lift heavy things with that hand, etc. Do keep it clean, do take the prescribed medication(s), and do come back in a couple of weeks to get the stitches removed.

So, you follow her instructions, stick to the agreed plan of care and go back and get your stitches removed. And lo and behold, you are all healed up! Miraculous right?

So, here’s the million-dollar question: Who healed you?

How does healing happen?

It may seem overly simplistic, but I believe this is one of the most important questions I can ask my clients.

I’ve gotten all kinds of responses, including blank stares and obvious irritation. Common answers about who does the healing include God, the doctor, the person or their body.

Does the doctor perform the healing? Well, the doctor helps, or facilitates, the process, but she doesn’t have any special healing powers.

Does God perform the healing? I can’t argue either way on this issue, but I do think if there is a higher power It is not an interventionist. That is to say, He or She does not direct every action of our body and healing process.

Does the body perform the healing? Yes, your body can heal itself, but it cannot do so fully unless it has your attention, investment and ownership of the process.

It’s really up to you

So, in short, only you can heal you. Your mind and body work in tandem for the desired outcome. Healing, in many ways, is a personal choice to make.

Sometimes we need support, guidance, coaching and therapeutic interventions to help ourselves. We may not be too happy with the situation at hand, but it takes and personal investment and intention to heal.

Stitches help, but we do the work.

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