What is LIfeSupport?

LifeSupport™ is a time-tested, experience-based process we’ve developed after many years of working with people just like you.

Our balanced, comprehensive approach helps identify and overcome difficulties you may be facing right now, then guides you on a path to more sustained happiness.

LifeSupport’s integrative practice embraces the wisdom and effectiveness of a wide range of therapies. We weave together proven psychotherapy and counseling methods with attention to mind-body health, and offer ongoing education and consultation.

LifeSupport is effective for almost everyone: high-performance professionals, medical professionals, artists, musicians and other creative people, parents, those with chronic pain and disabilities, retirees and caregivers.

If you’re ready to begin crafting the life you dream of living, start by scheduling a free, confidential 15-minute consultation by calling 541.728.3877 or using the contact form.