What is existential therapy?

In its simplest terms, existential therapy is based on the idea that you create meaning in your own life through the choices you make. The focus is very much inward, helping you understand what you value most, and how to live in a way that is aligned with your values.

Existential therapy is not for everyone at every stage of life. Other therapies may be more helpful in overcoming specific psychological problems. But this approach can be very effective in helping relieve certain kinds of fear, dread or anxiety you may experience when dealing with what it means to be human.


How does existential therapy work?

Traditionally, existential therapy addresses four universal realities
of existence:


  • Freedom and responsibility: It’s up to you to find meaning in life, and you are free to do that in any way you choose—but that freedom can feel like a heavy burden.
  • Isolation: Having to find your own way in life means having to stand apart from others.
  • Death: Accepting its inevitability allows you to fully engage with being alive today.
  • Meaninglessness: It can be distressing to realize the universe isn’t lighting the way for you.

With existential therapy we may spend some time looking at
choices you’ve made in the past and how they brought you to where you are
today. But our real focus is on how you can choose to live more authentically
now and in the future.


Learn more about existential therapy

If you’re interested in this kind of philosophical exploration and self-reflection, we can incorporate aspects of existential therapy into your treatment plan.

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