I hope you and your loved ones have remained safe during this time of uncertainty.  My office is now open for in-person therapy sessions [to clients who are not experiencing or living with or having had contact with anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms in the past 30 days].  I am also continuing to provide Telehealth therapy as needed. 

COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines

I have done my best to problem solve on the safest and more personal way to proceed. As this is an unprecedented issue in public health, there is a dilemma I am faced with: masks vs no masks during therapy sessions. In short, masks would be a therapeutic barrier as they hide facial expressions and hinder important communication. In my office, masks will be off (unless you choose otherwise) and we can more easily maintain physical distance.  

However, in the common areas (the waiting room) we will follow Deschutes County’s mandate that all persons wear masks when using the common areas of our office suite.  Once you are in my office the mask can be removed.  If you prefer not to wear a mask at any time, you may wait outside or in your car, and I will let you know when my office is available for your session. At that time you can just walk on in to my office. 

We have hand sanitizer and air purifiers in the lobby and in my office. The air purifiers will help with airflow and mitigation of airborne pathogens.

If video sessions work well for you, I encourage that to continue. The less contact(s) the better these days.  

If you are having any symptoms please take the proper precautions and attend your appointment via Teletherapy.

For additional information and resources about COVID-19, please refer to the COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide provided by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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