My office is back to offering both in person and telehealth sessions. As the COVID-19 restrictions ease, everyone needs to be conciseness and respectful of the process and gravity of this unprecedented public health crisis.  If you do choose to come into the office we will follow Deschutes County’s mandate that all persons wear a mask in a public (office) setting. There are no exceptions to this policy other than medical (with a note from your doctor). Once you are in my office the mask can be removed and we can have a nice chat.

EMDR sessions can be conducted via video, and I have found the process to be surprisingly effective.  Please remember psychotherapy is more than the sum of its parts (talk therapy, EMDR, mind-body interventions, therapeutic relationship to your provider, etc.), and continuity of care, self-care and (healthy) routine are key to health and healing.

Below is information on telehealth and apps.

Tele-Health demo on YouTube

iPhone App Store

Google Play App Store

For additional information and resources about COVID-19, please refer to the COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide provided by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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